28th Feb 2024


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The current mood of moopuries at www.imood.com

Welcome to my website! This is a forever unfinished place to share whatever I want, whenever I want. I'm sick of the modernised minimalist web designs around every corner of the internet, so I created this chaotic mess of a site to truly express myself in the most utterly unprofessional manner. This place is literally being held together by duct tape so if you come across any errors or broken links, don't get too surprised.

My name's Moo, and this site is named after me because, of course, this is my little online home. You can read more specific details about me right here, and pretty much everything else on this website is dedicated to things I make such as art and other projects, my interests and my current hobbies. Feel free to take a look around for as long as you like! There's even a few teeny secrets hidden around (...I'm not telling you where they are, obviously.) If you're having trouble finding your way around the place, check out the sitemap! If you're here from my socials and/or looking for a portfolio of my work for whatever reason it may be, you can find a better-structured page here. Otherwise, enjoy your stay!

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